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Struggles with trying to be vegetarian

Hi welcome to my blog, I would like to talk about my struggles of changing from meat eating to plant eating diet. I am not saying people should become vegetarian but this has been my ambition for so long. In my quest of…


Mayo Diet

So I was questioned on my thoughts on the Mayo diet and I didn’t have much to say since I had never researched on the diet before. Well that question perked my interest and I decided to look into it and find out…


When the going gets tough what to do!!!!

  Hi guys thanks for visiting my blog. So you all know I am on a weight loss challenge were I am trying to lose weight. I am like a yoyo gaining and losing,  hating the diet and some times having too many…


Weight loss journey fails and how to get back up

Having been on a weight loss journey for nearly a month now I noticed that on the third week of my diet I started to slip, adding things here and there, I have vowed not to eat. In fact by the time my weigh…


Does lemon and water aide weight loss????

Lemon and water, people swear by this stating this will aid your weight loss but is this true? That’s the question I have. According to Alissa Rumsey, R.D., a spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, womenshealthmag.com. Water and lemon itself does…


Why do we gain weight

Hi guys so we finished the end of week 2 and believe it, it has been a crazy week 2. Some of the cravings I thought I had vanquished suddenly returned with a vengeance such as candy, balsamic  rice and potatoes. I did…


We are on week 2!!!

Ok guys we did our weigh in this last Saturday and we really didn’t see much of a change as far as pound lose. We each lost 1 pound but that’s because we started with walking the entire week and changed up the…


The Biggest Challenge!!

Okay its Thursday almost at week end and  almost 7 days old in my weight loss journey. One thing I find that I absolutely love when it comes to breakfast was toast with peanut butter and jam, being from Africa peanut butter was a…


The Beginning I am quitting!!!

WEEK ONE This is our first week of starting out and I think starting out is the hardest part, everything seems so impossible. Anyway we did our weigh ins and this is what we are starting with Sandra                                                                                               Ashley Weight 150lbs                                                                                 Weight -130 Waist-38 inches                                                                               …


Why I want to lose weight!!

  So I have had this caption weight loss  journey on my blog but never started the journey because this is one of the most difficult things to motivate yourself into starting. I always have excuses. Finally I have managed to motivate myself into…