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Thank God for the Chinook!!

Chinooks have become such a reality for me since I have moved to Calgary – I sometimes forget that the rest of the world may not be well versed in the unique weather phenomenon. Those who do not experience the chinook winds can…


Snow has arrived!!!!

When I lived in my native land of Zimbabwe and someone asked me to describe snow, I would say it is amazing white sparkles coming from the sky. I thought it was beautiful, and the movies always made it to look so romantic…


Pushing yourself!!!

I have a very clear head of what i want in life, my dreams, my aspirations. I know people who support me of these dreams and aspirations. Who hear me complain about my frustrations endlessly. In all this I  realized that no one…



Sweaters add a whole new level of diversity to what already exists in your wardrobe. So adding a sweater or two is a must this season. Dress it down with a pair of skinny jeans and your favorite pair of boots, or go…


Keeping yourself focused

I am a big advocate for self discovery, and allowing yourself to change for the better. What I have discovered is that having the idea to change and deciding to change is actually the easy part. The hardest part is  maintaining that change…


Stampede the greatest show on earth

If you live in Calgary you know that stampede time is the time where every cowboy and cowgirl is in heaven. This is a rodeo show featuring  amazing demonstrations, concerts, and prized animals. This rodeo show provides a lot of activities as well…


You are worthy

The amazing thing about knowing ones self is realizing how we are truly aligned with our own beautiful and unique spirit,  and we can completely and authentically be ourselves in every situation. I have always been that person that try to fit in…


Trendage: Its all about style and convenience

Styled by Trendage is an amazing app that allows you to easily create your digital body type with a selfie picture. Meaning your true self, body type, colour, and height, by creating you true image you are able to get a sense of…


Wild Tea Kombucha

  I recently got the amazing opportunity to try out Wild tea Kombucha. Wild Tea was started by Emily Baadsvik and Brigette Freel in 2015. This tea has amazing benefits and it tastes amazing coming in different flavours that you can drink without…


Baby blues perfect for spring

One of the most difficult thing when looking at what bloggers are wearing is being linked to the website they bought the items and realizing that the item is beyond your reach because of the price point. This is not to say we…