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Products I am in love with

Outlast Stay Luminous Foundation’s oil-free, non-greasy formula gives your skin a natural luminosity that lasts all day! Perfect for achieving radiant skin, this all day foundation hydrates skin while providing flawless coverage. I chose soft sable 875. It gives me a flawless look…


Want younger looking skin??

Here are some helpful tips on younger looking skin 1)Moisturize moisturize and moisturize   Before you even think of applying any sort of make up moisturize. This helps keep your skin hydrated and supple giving you a youthful glow 2) Use concealers   With so…


Tips to glowing and flawless skin

According to Dr. Hauschk using night creams is actually not good for your skin. What? you may say, but the fact is during the night your skin is hard at work trying to generate oils, extract impurities and of course regenerating and heal…