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Hello Christmass Parties!!!

So its that season for office evening events, these events can be so exciting because you get to enjoy a more relaxed atmosphere with your colleagues even  your bosses. When it comes to choosing colors to wear i can never resist the color…


Celebrating stepping out of your shell

It is very important to celebrate very small accomplishments, whether they are recognized by other people or only by you and those close to you. It is important to celebrate each milestone. I am one of those people that if I feel like…


Autumn is here !!!!

Although fall to me means winter is fast approaching, and I honestly don’t like winter. I hate the freezing temperatures, I hate driving and I hate the continuously gloomy, and grey skies that are our constant companions for many months. However, its amazing…


Amazing accesories plus giveaway

I had the amazing pleasure of wearing Catherine Malandrino products. This designer has an amazing wide selection or accessories, clothes, fragrances and watches, Her products are featured In some of the top department stores such as macys, and sears and ofcourse you can…


Shear, Floral and Sexy

Shear dresses are one of the biggest trend this year, its sexy and chic. Add the floral detail and you have an amazing master piece which is sexy, trendy and definitely a statement piece. It can be worn in different ways,  casual, going…


Vintage Mother of the bride Gowns in Boho Style

Vintage Mother of the Bride Gowns in the Boho Style Women who are dressing in the vintage style for a wedding will find it fun to wear something that comes from their age. They will recognize the style because it is familiar to…


Spring and Flowers

The coming of spring means so many possibilities, It brings excitement and a certain joy that we don’t experience in winter. The spring season is full of transformations. The temperature rises to a more bearable degree, opposing Mother Nature’s last few months of freezing…


Classy in Black

So finally the weather is reading +2 digits, and the excitement I am feeling right now, I can’t put it into words, the trees are budding the grass is starting to look alive and spots of greenery everywhere. The excitement is genuine guys. If you…


How to choose the best clothes that work for you

I was talking with a colleague of mine and were discussing the different trends of clothes that  are gracing the runways and finding themselves in all stores. Of course everyone wants to wear the latest trends because we see celebrities models and of…


Crisp white with bold stripes

Striped patterns are a delight for the eye with there vivid contrasts and striking combinations absolutely gives a most striking uniqueness. Stripes enhance the visual impact of a silhouette, helping give a somewhat toned appearance and mixing widths and colours adds vibrant dynamism.  Bold stripes are a classic…