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When storms come!!!

  We would all love to have a smooth sailing life, me included, but a smooth sailing life does not cultivate identity, courage, love or strength. When things happen that hurt us we always ask the question why me. I realized that it…


Autumn is here !!!!

Although fall to me means winter is fast approaching, and I honestly don’t like winter. I hate the freezing temperatures, I hate driving and I hate the continuously gloomy, and grey skies that are our constant companions for many months. However, its amazing…


Keeping yourself focused

I am a big advocate for self discovery, and allowing yourself to change for the better. What I have discovered is that having the idea to change and deciding to change is actually the easy part. The hardest part is  maintaining that change…


Calgary Reads Big Book Sell

I have always been a reader, and when I read I feel as if I am transported as one of the characters in the book. I lose track of time and the real world around me becomes a blare.  To me it is…


Mother’s day gift ideas

So we have come again to that time where we show just how much we appreciate our mothers. Its so exciting because this is one of those special times when a mother becomes the centre of attraction in ones family. Being a mother…


Mistakes don’t define you

One thing I have realized in my life is that we all fall short, we all betray our consciences and let down those who matter most to us. And these things are not okay. It sometimes leaves those we love and care about…


Positive thoughts

  Most people don’t understand the power of thoughts . If a thought whether positive or negative is repeatedly said in the mind then it will manifest especially when the thought brings out emotions. There were times in my life were I was…


Give your self permission to grow and evolve

It amazing to be entering a new year, many new year resolutions being made and looking to really make a go of something significant and life changing. One of the most amazing transformations I have experienced in the quest for a perfect life…


Self Confidence and body issues

  I will not write this claiming to know what every women feels, or what their struggles are. But I know my own and that is what I will address. I feel that as a woman I am constantly under pressure and scrutiny on…


Can personality be changed?

  So this topic is quiet a challenge for me because almost everyone I have come across states that personality is permeant. There is even a quote of accepting a person the way they are and not trying to change them. It seems…