When I lived in my native land of Zimbabwe and someone asked me to describe snow, I would say it is amazing white sparkles coming from the sky. I thought it was beautiful, and the movies always made it to look so romantic and exciting. I really wanted to feel that. Now in my new country Canada the first time I saw snow I was so excited and felt so happy. Not only is it calming to watch it fall it also foretells the coming Christmas holiday. As the days progressed and more snow fell, it became colder,  I still remember the day when my feet turned frighteningly numb and felt like icicles as a result of wearing the wrong set of shoes. I was not prepared for the extreme harsh and cold weather that came with winter. Although I eventually learned about the warm clothes and the layering, I remember swearing to quit my job and stay in the whole winter, unrealistic as it sounded, I was determined, but reality set in and I had no choice but to learn how to dress properly. Now I dress properly but also try to have fun with clothes I wear. I put together an outfit for you guys, Please let me know what you think







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