I have a very clear head of what i want in life, my dreams, my aspirations. I know people who support me of these dreams and aspirations. Who hear me complain about my frustrations endlessly. In all this I  realized that no one else is going to get me where i want to go and it is up to me. It is up to my actions and behaviours while trying to achieve your goal that matters. My family and friends are a support system, but that is all they are supposed to be for me. They cannot succeed for me. Only i can do that. Take ownership of my problems, and realize that nobody else is going to solve them for me.


We are all going to run into problems, but it is how you handle them that makes you effective. The most effective way to handle a problem is to focus on finding a solution. Focusing on things that are out of your control is a waste of time, so focus on what you can control with the final outcome. Being successful is not about having the right kind of luck or expecting the right break to come your way. It is not about the mere expectation that you will succeed. It is about taking steps every day to be better than you were the day before by moving in a positive way. Surrounding yourself with driven, effective people is a proven way to help you succeed. Proximity can be an excellent motivator. You have to choose between driven people and people who will drag you down. You cannot have both and except to succeed

Be humble and take a hard look at what you are doing and how you are doing it. Be completely honest with yourself about what is not working instead of making excuses. It is easy to stay busy and tell yourself you are taking the right approach, but that is what is called below the line thinking. Below the line” thinking refers to a particular mindset that shapes how you view the world in a limiting way.  It leads to your believing that what’s happening to you is outside your control and everyone else’s fault – the economy, your industry, your boss, your spouse, etc.  Below the line thinking says, “It’s not fair what’s happening, and I don’t have what it takes to overcome these challenges. I didn’t expect this and I can’t handle it.”  Above the line thinking, on the other hand, says, “I clearly see the obstacles ahead, and I’m addressing them with open eyes.  I’m accountable for my life and my career, and I have what it takes to navigate through this successfully.  If I fail, I’ll still wake up tomorrow exactly who I am, and will have learned something critical.”

Make up your mind that no matter what comes your way, no matter how difficult, no matter how unfair, you will do more than simply survive. You will thrive in spite of it.” —Joel Osteen