Styled by Trendage is an amazing app that allows you to easily create your digital body type with a selfie picture. Meaning your true self, body type, colour, and height, by creating you true image you are able to get a sense of what clothes will look like on you before you actually buy them. This app is accessible as you can use it on your phone or your home computer, when trendage asked me to try there app I was a bit skeptic but after trying it for myself it is easy to use and fun allowing me to play with different hairstyles and the coolest part shop and try clothing from  different department stores such as Romwe, Nordstrom and Topshop just to mention a few, using your virtual model who looks just like you. It makes online shopping easy, it also allows you to unlock and see promotions that are happening in different stores. Try this app and you will love it. Cant wait to hear what you guys think. Here’s is the      link to down load the app https// or go to

I have inserted a video for you guys to see exactly how it works

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