One of the most difficult thing when looking at what bloggers are wearing is being linked to the website they bought the items and realizing that the item is beyond your reach because of the price point. This is not to say we will never go out there and spoil ourselves with some designer wear pieces, it just means we can not fill the entire wardrobe  with designer wear. Trying to buy a Versace on a tight budget will just leave you going through some of the bloggers websites admiring the pieces and of course that will leave you green with envy . It is indeed possible to look fashionable and right on trend on the tightest of budgets. In Calgary you always find amazing stores that sell trendy clothes at a lower price, and some of these stores equal quality and pricing for stores such as fashion nova, shein or misguided. These stores include, sirens, dynamite, bluenotes, or urban planet just to mention a few.

I put together a blue outfit with some of my favourite pieces. The blue skirt which almost look like an African print, goes well with any color as it is a combination of different colours itself. The baby blue blouse has an amazing detail on the arms allowing it to have a very unique trendy look. Love the way the pattern interlocks together instead of just a line of open slit.  The shoes are a platform heel allowing more support for my feet, and are also blue with a beautiful gold lining at the edges and back of the shoe.

Skirt-Dynamite, , Shoes old

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