The coming of spring means so many possibilities, It brings excitement and a certain joy that we don’t experience in winter. The spring season is full of transformations. The temperature rises to a more bearable degree, opposing Mother Nature’s last few months of freezing surroundings. Some how it makes you want to run out and start exploring the world, when spring rolls into our lives, we start to pick up the slack that winter instilled inside us of becoming sloths. You remember to start running and try to keep all your new years resolutions , those amazing clothes, and yes flowers. Flowers are everywhere and they make everything beautiful even dandelions that we hate to see on our very green lawns. I put together a spring inspired outfit and yes even though I know I live in a fickle city when it comes to the weather patterns I am happy about the warm sun. My outfit is very simple for a casual day, nice navy blue dress with beautiful flowers and comfortable Clark shoes allowing me to enjoy this amazing nature walk

Dress- Sears Canada , Shoes- Call It Spring ,

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