I have always been a reader, and when I read I feel as if I am transported as one of the characters in the book. I lose track of time and the real world around me becomes a blare.  To me it is the utmost satisfactory activity, and it brings back memories of reading a book under my covers with my fathers stolen torch. At times I remember my dad coming to say lights out and the immense disappointment I felt having to put my book down. Books provide you with adventure, fantasy and opens your mind to a whole new world of possibilities.

I find at times my daily life becomes routine and I start getting bored, picking up a book provides the ultimate escape and allows my mind to be transported to a different time. That’s why when the Calgary Reads book sell was on this weekend I jumped at the opportunity to buy new books at very a low prices. Most of the books are gently used but that does not take away the sincere pleasure of enjoying the book.

Some pictures from the Calgary Reads book sell

Walking down to the book fair and of course no parking so many people came out

So many books and arranged in genre so exciting, we walked in no one seemed to notice as heads where bowed down constantly checking for good books

Different age groups were there, its amazing to still see some people having that crazy excitement of getting a new book in this day and age of computers, laptops and cell phones

Getting ready to jump in with the crowd and search for my own interests which of course consists of health and wellness, fantasy, a bit of romance and history

My finds, got a whole box of books cant wait to see what it offers me

Carrying my box the African way, kind of hard to walk a kilometer to get to my car carrying a full box of books.

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