I was talking with a colleague of mine and were discussing the different trends of clothes that  are gracing the runways and finding themselves in all stores. Of course everyone wants to wear the latest trends because we see celebrities models and of course other people wearing it and it looks amazing. The problem then comes when you try these must have trends and realize they are really looking terrible on you. You buy it anyway cause its the latest trends but when you wear it, you are so self conscious that things are very wrong. I have a few tips to consider when going out there and buying clothes.

1- Style line

Choosing the right style line will allow you to create the illusion of balance and proportion by enhancing or concealing the actual contour lines of your body allowing you to cover all the problem arears you may not want enhanced. As a result you see the true beauty of the type of dress you are choosing to wear. Examples of design lines are pleats, slits, openings, large accessories such as bowties, or gathers.


U can choose a texture of fabric depending on how you want to wear it. When you wear you hair a certain way, the tone of your skin and accessories you use play a very big part in making a certain texture work for you.


Many of us choose to wear clothing according to fashion trends and seasons rather than picking out clothes based on our skin’s natural coloring. Choosing the wrong colors, can make your skin look washed out or appear to blend in with your clothes. Choosing clothing that will complement your skin tone is not that difficult, but it does require some basic knowledge of color theory and the ability to determine your skin’s undertones. Choosing the right shades of color for your wardrobe will help you look great, feel confident, and need very little make-up or accessories to look fantastic.

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