Clothes are a powerful statement, and used by many to express themselves and pass a message to others, weather its their beliefs, sense of freedom, or even to promote a particular style clothes, are usually in the forerun before people examine anything else.

Going to the office try something different that defines your personality but indicates how serious you are about your work


I have seen so many different types of clothes, some eccentric and loud, others simple yet elegant, others will just make your head spin, yet everyone who is wearing something  are conveying a message across. Sometimes when I am shopping I try to imitate some of these fashion trends, but when I put them on it almost appears as if I have failed somewhere, it looks nothing like what I saw on another person. This because that person had a particular message they may have been conveying. In me imitating without the same messages the clothes may not make sense to me.

Statement pieces elegant and e and definitely eye catching



I began looking at my clothes and what I like, some clothes I buy because I saw that it looked good on someone else and seem to be appropriate for a certain occasion, once I wear it I begin to feel a sense of foreboding, which usually turns out that I am correct.

While I wandered how this can be possible, It soon dawned on me that for dress to function as a means of communication, I as an individual need to assign meaning to the dress. Dress is used to shape behaviour, confidence and open a platform of interaction with others. In the society we live in, there is an array of people in whom we must successfully interact. This includes people of different social standing such as family members, work colleagues, and intimate friends. In each of these social positions requires a very distinct and accurate level of communication. When interacting with my relatives I don’t dress to impress, usually simple casual dressing, with friends usually with a look of elegance and playfulness, maybe even daring. When I meet people from work its usually, elegance, and conservative giving the appearance of a person who needs to be taken seriously.

Fun, elegant and playful for a date with friends

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Dress and behaviour are linked to social positions, therefore dress is used to infer information about yourselves to others. Whether you are in agreement with me or not, dress often sets the stage for successful social interaction because people use dress to judge character immediately before any type of interaction occurs.

Social functions, many styles, both elegant, casual and chic










Always dress for the occasion

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