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When storms come!!!

  We would all love to have a smooth sailing life, me included, but a smooth sailing life does not cultivate identity, courage, love or strength. When things happen that hurt us we always ask the question why me. I realized that it…


Snow has arrived!!!!

When I lived in my native land of Zimbabwe and someone asked me to describe snow, I would say it is amazing white sparkles coming from the sky. I thought it was beautiful, and the movies always made it to look so romantic…


Pushing yourself!!!

I have a very clear head of what i want in life, my dreams, my aspirations. I know people who support me of these dreams and aspirations. Who hear me complain about my frustrations endlessly. In all this I  realized that no one…



Sweaters add a whole new level of diversity to what already exists in your wardrobe. So adding a sweater or two is a must this season. Dress it down with a pair of skinny jeans and your favorite pair of boots, or go…


Celebrating stepping out of your shell

It is very important to celebrate very small accomplishments, whether they are recognized by other people or only by you and those close to you. It is important to celebrate each milestone. I am one of those people that if I feel like…


Autumn is here !!!!

Although fall to me means winter is fast approaching, and I honestly don’t like winter. I hate the freezing temperatures, I hate driving and I hate the continuously gloomy, and grey skies that are our constant companions for many months. However, its amazing…


Keeping yourself focused

I am a big advocate for self discovery, and allowing yourself to change for the better. What I have discovered is that having the idea to change and deciding to change is actually the easy part. The hardest part is  maintaining that change…


Stampede the greatest show on earth

If you live in Calgary you know that stampede time is the time where every cowboy and cowgirl is in heaven. This is a rodeo show featuring  amazing demonstrations, concerts, and prized animals. This rodeo show provides a lot of activities as well…


Amazing accesories plus giveaway

I had the amazing pleasure of wearing Catherine Malandrino products. This designer has an amazing wide selection or accessories, clothes, fragrances and watches, Her products are featured In some of the top department stores such as macys, and sears and ofcourse you can…


Shear, Floral and Sexy

Shear dresses are one of the biggest trend this year, its sexy and chic. Add the floral detail and you have an amazing master piece which is sexy, trendy and definitely a statement piece. It can be worn in different ways,  casual, going…